MUSKOGEE, Oklahoma - More plans for development are on the way for Muskogee's Depot District. This week, city councilors are considering a design for park space in the growing entertainment district.

City officials want to make the Depot District a destination for entertainment, and the latest plan going before the council could green light plans for a new green space.

One day, the Depot District at 3rd and Elgin could be lined with hotels, loft apartments and restaurants supporting Muskogee's entertainment district.

Developer Lex Katich bought two buildings in the Depot District and sees the city's commitment to revitalizing that part of Muskogee.

“We looked at this district just as a cool spot," Katich said.

Across the street from where Katich wants to lease out space for a coffee shop, bar and ice cream parlor is the brand new $8 million Little Theatre.

Part of the plan calls for a new "green space" in the center of the district that city council will consider this week.

Wren Stratton with Muskogee Depot District said, "The green space on the other side of the museum is where the next vision is."

Stratton hopes the park will bring people together and create foot traffic.

"We're looking at what's feasible to do right away, what can we do that will be a very dramatic change that the citizens can see, and yet plan infrastructure for where we want to be in Phase 3," she said.

Katich said, "If they make this district the way that that rendering shows, there's going to be hundreds of people down here all the time."

Officials will still need to secure funding to make the plans a reality.