TULSA, Oklahoma - Police arrested a man and a woman who, they say, stole an SUV, leading police on an early morning chase.

It started at Admiral and Lewis, but the suspects lost officers in a neighborhood, but police spotted them near 6th and Lewis and arrested 19-year-old Tyler Larson and 28-year-old Venessa Didonna.

When asked why they did it, Larson said, "Someone told me I had to do it. I needed food, I needed a place to go. I was cold, I don't wanna be out in the cold. I don't got no family around here."

TPD said they found a gun and several stolen IDs inside the car.

Didonna, who was a passenger, will be charged with joyriding.

At the end of the chase, police say Larson slammed into the back of another car with a woman and her 5-month-old baby inside.

Jessica Paine said she was terrified during the crash and that it couldn't have happened at a worse time.

Paine said she was on her way to drop off her baby at daycare and head to work.

"All of the sudden, just this, BAM, and all of the sudden I heard the baby just scream," she said.

In just seconds, Paine became the victim of a car crash by a suspected stolen car in the middle of a police pursuit.

"Fear. I was just scared," she said.

Paine said she moved to Tulsa five months ago from Topeka, Kansas in order to get away from the crime there and to start a new life for her and her son.

Now, she said this experience has her on edge.

"I was in such shock I didn't know what to do. There's police everywhere and people are being arrested and people were throwing their hands up, and, I mean it just shook me so bad," she said.

Concerned, Paine's mother drove four hours from Kansas to be with her; but Paine said her mother can't stay for long and she's not sure how she'll manage once she leaves.

"I mean, I don't know what I'm going to do. She can't stay here forever," said Paine.

Her car was towed to a repair shop and she's not sure how she'll afford all the repairs, especially since she needs a car to get to work.

Paine said, "Well, cause of Christmas, I just moved here you know? I've got bills to pay and I just got this job."

Now, Paine said she's suffering because someone else decided to break the law.

Paine said she was hoping to start classes at Oral Roberts in January, but with the setback, she’ll most likely have to push back her enrollment.