TULSA, Oklahoma - Tulsa Mayor G.T. Bynum followed up on a campaign promise today and met with education leaders on his first full day in office.

After the meeting, Bynum said it was mainly about brainstorming.

The hourlong meeting developed some pledges to work together, but nothing concrete.

The hour-long meeting over lunch focused on forging a partnership between the city and the education system.

It was a campaign priority for Bynum.

"One of the most common things I hear from people who live here or people thinking about coming here is that a challenge we face is the educational opportunities in Tulsa and we need to do a better job on that, yet the city has taken a pass on that for a long time, thinking it was someone else's responsibility and I reject that notion," Bynum said. 

Representatives from Tulsa's colleges and universities attended the private meeting, along with several common school superintendents.

They left with few specifics.

"We're still sorting out what the possibilities will be for the partnership. There are a lot of possibilities to consider and then pick the ones that will make the biggest difference for our teachers and students," said Tulsa Public Schools' Superintendent Dr. Deborah Gist. 

Tulsa's government is currently deciding how to assist public schools with money through the Vision sales tax, but this new partnership would go beyond that, in ways not yet determined.

"Not a lot of specifics were talked about today. More about how we can work together and have coordination of our efforts so we can bring the best opportunities to students in the Tulsa area," said Tulsa Community College President Dr. Leigh Goodson. 

Bynum said the group will meet again in about two weeks to start making specific plans

With the transition at city hall - the "wall of mayors" got an update.

The top floor at city hall has photos of Tulsa's past mayors and one of the new mayor.

Bynum is Tulsa's 40th Mayor, but his ancestor R.N. Bynum was the city's second mayor.

And the two LaFortunes, Robert in the 1970s and Bill in 2002, are both relatives of Bynum as well.