WAGONER COUNTY, Oklahoma - A 12-year-old girl battling cancer is being supported by people all over Green Country after she shared her story about her therapy dog, Tank, being shot and killed by a bow-hunter last month.

Recently, Tenaciously Teal - a non-profit from Oklahoma City that helps cancer fighters - voted to allocate $2,000 of grant money to help Shelby get a new therapy dog.

This week, a Tulsa couple - Kevin and Cheryl Parquette - who saw Shelby's story made a headstone for Tank to better remember him.

The outpouring of support has renewed the family's faith in people.

Shelby: "Aww."
Marty: "I know it's real heavy so be careful."
Shelby: "It's heavy."
Marty: "That's because of your story and what they thought about it."
Shelby: "Aww."

Shelby’s grandfather, Junior Gray said, “We realize that there are a lot of loving and compassionate people, just by things like this."

Tenaciously Teal will travel to Shelby's home next week to help her find a dog.