TULSA, Oklahoma - More than 20 years ago, the staff cleared out the Tulsa Club Building in downtown Tulsa; but in the next couple of weeks, construction will begin to bring the 1920's building back to life.

The Tulsa Club was built in 1927 and designed by art deco mastermind, Bruce Goff.

At one time it was the place for Tulsa's elite to see and be seen, but, over the last couple of decades it became neglected, ravaged by fires, and, for some, faded from memory - but not for Tulsa's Ross Group.

“When we walked the building and saw the components, it had and the rich history of the Tulsa Club. It made all the sense in the world for this to be our next project,” Matt Newman with Ross Group said.

They purchased the building in 2015 and are now ready to get started on the more than $20 million project.

Newman said, “It is a great building - the steel and concrete through all the fires made the building stronger. They don’t build like this now."

It will be a 98-room boutique hotel under the Curio by Hilton Brand and Tulsa-based Promise Hotels.

The bottom two floors will house the lobby and a restaurant, with most tiles removed to open the space to floor-to-ceiling windows.

The grand ballroom and mezzanine will be restored, and, on the top floor, there will be an outdoor terrace, just like so many decades ago.

"When people started to find out we had purchased the building, old members started to tell stories and we want to pay homage to that and highlight that,” said Newman.

Now, close to 100 years after originally built for the City of Tulsa, new memories will be made within the historic walls.

“This building is ready to come back, and, I think Tulsa is ready to see it," Newman said.