TULSA, Oklahoma - Victory Christian is on the cusp of school history, playing for the school's first state title on Friday.

For the third straight week, Victory Christian will take the field as an underdog, and for the third straight week, they won't care.

"The players we have, we're all really good,” said running back Tyler Hicks. “We don't try to do too much."

The Conquerors will square off with Millwood for the 2A state title Friday night, their first appearance in the championship since 2004.

"It's just a heart condition,” said quarterback R.J. Wakley. “When someone tells us that we can't, we want to tell them that we can. We let the people know around us that just because people count us out doesn't mean we're out."

Head Coach Ron Smith added, "We got good players here, and when you've got good players, you got a better chance of winning than if you don't. The kids have believed they could get to this game the last three or four years and haven't done it."

Along with being the underdog, the Conquerors carry a little extra motivation with them.

It's the unsung heroes, those behind the scenes that don't get a lot of recognition but are still integral to the team's success. That theme continued into the beginning of practice.

"High school football is about the guys that are here every day, and they're not getting to be on the field all the time,” said Smith.

"This school deserves it,” stated Wakley. “With our pastors and all that stuff and our leadership up there, they've helped us out with everything. They deserve it."

And this team knows exactly what they deserve.

"We want to get that gold ball,” said Wakley.