COWETA, Oklahoma - The Wagoner County Sheriff's Office is investigating after the bodies of two men were found inside a business Thursday afternoon.

Wagoner County deputies said two men were found dead from apparent gunshot wounds, and Sheriff Chris Elliott said they have determined the shooting was a murder-suicide.

In a statement, the sheriff's office has determined the shooter was Arthur Damon, 51, and he shot Jerry Jones, 47, who was the owner of Fresh Start Auto. 

Sheriff Elliott said Jones was renting the space for his business.  He says they haven't yet identified a motive.

WCSO said someone called the Coweta Police Department just after 1 p.m. reporting they heard gunshots.

Coweta police and the Oklahoma Highway Patrol were the first on the scene, and when they arrived they found two white males inside, both dead from gunshot wounds, Elliott said. 

A woman showed up on the scene around the same time that police arrived and the Elliott said she was distraught and is now being interviewed by investigators.

Elliott said they believe that the woman is the estranged wife of Arthur, but are still working out the details in the moments before the shooting. 

He said Coweta police initially thought the shop was their jurisdiction but it's Wagoner County's, which is why deputies are in charge of the investigation.