HOMINY, Oklahoma - The Hominy Bucks have rolled through the season to this point, averaging over 51 points per game, while giving up just five. 

But how do they contain opponents so well?

"Run to the ball, pretty much,” said linebacker Ryan Tilley.

It's a simple defensive philosophy but one that works for the Bucks. They've given up double-digit points only twice this year.

“We do a really good job of chasing the ball down,” explained Head Coach Scott Harmon. “Teams have a hard time just driving the length of the field, so if we can eliminate the big play and line up correctly to their sets, I think we're going to be alright."

Then there's the offense; it's lowest output was 25 points back in Week 1 against rival Cleveland.

"I gotta give credit to our O-line,” said quarterback Zaven Collins. “They get stuff done up there, man. They just get blocks, they get movement, big movement for us, and we just run hard and finish."

So, when they line up across from Wynnewood for the Class A title on Friday, there's more than just a title on the line, there's family history.

"My dad kinda started this as the head coach in the early 70's, actually beat Wynnewood in '73 for the first state championship,” Harmon recalled. “So, it's kinda déjà vu and kinda getting to walk in my father's footsteps a little bit."

So, Harmon will face the same team his father, Ron Harmon, did 43 years ago for the Bucks' first title, fitting in a place like Hominy where football and family go hand in hand.

"Everyone you know, your dad, your uncle, your grandpa, they all played football, so everyone knows everyone,” Collins stated. “They all know a little bit about football. They all just tell us to keep working hard and support us 100 percent."

Tilley says the team wants to make everyone proud and keep the tradition going.

"We're really excited because this would be the first team in history to go undefeated and win the state title, if we do win,” said Tilley.

For Harmon, the matchup shows how life comes full circle.