TULSA, Oklahoma - Johnathan Patrick Kendrick, 25, the driver accused of leaving an elderly woman on a nursing home bus where she later died from hyperthermia, has turned himself in on a charge of second-degree manslaughter. 

Mary Schlecht, 84, had ridden the bus from Brookdale Assisted Living Center on Saturday, August 28, 2016. 

Tulsa Police said she wasn't discovered missing until the next day. 

Police said staff at the center called the family to see if a relative had picked her up. When the family said no, the staff began a search and found Schlecht still inside the bus.

Schlecht's daughter, Linda Williams, filed suit against Brookdale Assisted Living Center, accusing it of negligence, wrongful death and negligent staffing practices.

According to the lawsuit, Schlecht and other residents rode the bus for a scenic tour of Tulsa. Williams saw her mother get on the bus, but hadn't spoken to or seen her again when the center called her the next evening to see if she'd picked up her mother, the lawsuit states.