BIXBY, Oklahoma - High school students from all over Green Country who are in the SkillsUSA chapter at Tulsa Technology Center spent their Saturday working in cold December weather to demolish run-down bathrooms at Lake Bixhoma.  

"It's just freezin’!" said student Ryan Kordis.

But they're focused on what the lake will be like when the temperature warms up next spring.

"Come out, enjoy a picnic, fish, run around, and have a good time," Kordis stated.  

The Lake Bixhoma Foundation says the lake isn't living up to its potential.

Last year, President Andy Brungardt decided it was time to do something about the overgrown grass around the lake.  

 The grant from Lowe's, along with the Lake Bixhoma master plan, are helping the volunteers take the transformation to the next level, with new bathrooms, pavilions, picnic benches and grills on the way.

"It's kind of overwhelming,” said Brungardt. “I thought it was just gonna be a small, little project and it's grown from there."

But not everything will be brand new.

A historic gazebo and playground equipment from Charley Young Park in downtown Bixby will be repurposed at the lake.

"It's part of the history of Bixby,” said Brungardt. “The equipment, it was in the center of downtown Bixby."

The volunteers plan to work on the lake every chance they get with a goal to finish by next April.

"I wanna help make the community better and just make it a better place for everyone to live,” said Kordis. “I wanna feel like I’m doing my part."