A surge of milder air is returning to Green Country for our Sunday, but don’t go putting your winter coats away. Another December chill is just around the corner!

Windy conditions will persist through the morning hours, with south winds gusting over 30 miles per hour at times. Mostly cloudy skies will continue to linger as well, with areas of drizzle developing through the morning and into early afternoon.

With those stubborn clouds in place once again we won’t warm up very quickly, but thanks to a much warmer start to the day we’ll still climb to around 60 degrees by mid-afternoon as those gusty south winds continue. A cold front will move into NE OK by the late afternoon hours, switching our winds back around to the north and leading to fall temperatures by 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. with noticeably chillier air by the evening.

Behind that cold front, we’ll drop back to more typical December values in the morning with lows in the upper 20s to low 30s to start our Monday. The first day of the work week is looking like the most pleasant day of the week, with much lighter winds, some sunshine, and highs in the low 50s!

Enjoy that pleasant Monday, because colder air begins to invade eastern Oklahoma once again after that! The first surge of cold air will gradually arrive across northeast Oklahoma on Tuesday with a gusty northeast wind pushing our highs back down into the 40s.

That cold air will continue to gradually surge further south during the week, and by Wednesday into Thursday we could again be struggling to get above freezing during the daylight hours as cloudy skies and gusty winds continue.

We continue to see signs of our next Arctic cold front arriving by next weekend, which could bring us some frigid air that’s possibly even colder than what we dealt with this past week! A lot of details are yet to be determined, so stay tuned for updates and we’ll keep you informed!