TULSA, Oklahoma - The Arkansas River is on it's way to getting some much-needed infrastructure upgrades after Congress passed a bill Saturday that would provide funding for some major projects to update aging levees along the river.

Tulsa Regional Chamber President & CEO Mike Neal explain what the Water Infrastructure Improvements For The Nation Act this means for Green Country.

"This is something that commissioner Karen Keith and the county commission, really the one voice legislative partners have been addressing with our congressional delegation for a number of years," Neal said.

The river infrastructure on the Arkansas has also been a concern of the Corps of Engineers.

"They're very old. They've been designated by the Corps of Engineers as sort of the worst five percent in America," Neal said. "The worst five percent deteriorated condition in the country," Neal said. 

A scary statistic for a city that is no stranger to deadly floods, like the Memorial Day Flood of 1984. 

This past year, river revitalization has been on the forefront of local politics with the recent Vision plan proposing updates to the river infrastructure, in the form of some dam and levee repairs, as well as economic development.

Something Neal said will work well with the WIIN Act.

"Well I think this is a natural complement," Neal said. 

The passage of the bill is just the first step and will take some time before all the needed repairs can be assessed and approved.

However, city leaders said it's a step in the right direction.