INOLA, Oklahoma - An Inola woman will spend the next 90 days in jail for giving alcohol to teenage boys and having sex with them.

It has taken three years, but an Inola man finally feels he's gotten justice in the case.

Travis Pittser said it devastated him to go to Inola police in the fall of 2013 and report his wife of 13 years, Ellen Pittser, had given beer to teenage boys, had sex with one of them and sexual contact with others.

He never dreamed the case would drag on this long.

"Undescribable, undescribable. The pain, the heartache," Travis Pittser said.

Ellen Pittser pleaded guilty to the charges in August.

She told the pre-sentence investigator it all stemmed from giving birth to premature twins who died in 2009, that she became an alcoholic and the night with the boys was the biggest mistake of her life.

She said that isn’t who she is and that she’s quit drinking and plans to get married soon. She asked for probation.

Travis Pittser said, "I lost my twins, too and I'm not out molesting children."

He believes the justice system doesn't treat these cases as seriously as if a man were to do the same crime to teenage girls and he would like to see that changed.

After she gets out in 90 days, Ellen Pittser will have to register as a sex offender, and as a level-three offender, she'll have to register for the rest of her life and check in with the Rogers County Sheriff's Office every 90 days.