WAGONER COUNTY, Oklahoma - A little girl fighting cancer has a new therapy dog after her first dog was shot and killed by a bow hunter in November.

Thanks to some volunteers and our viewers, 12-year-old Shelby Shuffitt got her new buddy Tuesday.

What started as a tragedy turned into something special as people from across the state came together to help the little girl fighting cancer.

In stride, and almost joined at the hip, was Shelby Shuffitt and her new puppy, Sterling.

Shelby, who has been fighting Leukemia since May, saw her dog, Tank, die in front of her after being shot by a bow hunter.

Since then, many people have rallied for Shelby.

Tenaciously Teal founder, Tarah Warren, said, "So many messages from people who are wanting to help, to make donations."

People even called News On 6, wanting to donate money, dogs - one couple made a headstone for Tank.

Cancer survivor group Tenaciously Teal heard Shelby's story and wanted to help.

"When the board committee reviewed that, I think it was unanimous, instantly," Warren said.

Through donations, the group supplied Shelby with everything she and Sterling will need - even money to get Sterling trained as a therapy dog.

Warren said, "And so Glad Wags Service Dogs is going to take care of him."

Companies in Muskogee also donated to Shelby, but Tuesday, her eyes and smile were fixed on Sterling.

"He knows that he's going to be with me," she said.

Shelby is excited to make him her family.

For Tenaciously Teal volunteers like Karen Hanna, being able to help people in Shelby’s shoes make times like these a moment that can’t be missed.

“There are moments when you can feel like nobody else understands," Hanna said. “There's a connection there…somebody really does understand what I'm going through."

Sterling is named after former Sooner and now New York Giant great Sterling Shepard.

If you’d like to donate to Tenaciously Teal, you can find more information here.