TAHLEQUAH, Oklahoma - A Green Country Police Department is putting more officers on the streets to fight back against burglars. Tahlequah Chief of Police Nate King said they're seeing three times as many car break-ins and a new grant will help crack down on criminals.

For most of us, a neighborhood street just looks like a normal place to live. To others it's a prime place to carry out a crime.

"Recently in Tahlequah, we've had a spike in some of our petty thefts," said Tahlequah Police Chief Nate King.

King says the city hasn't see any major burglaries but instead a spike in car break-ins.

"Coming up on the holidays, people need money and instead of having a job, they steal from hard-working people," King said.

The chief says there at least two different groups of burglars in town. Both are looking for anything from change to electronics. One group is hitting up unlocked cars, and the other has a different method.  

"We've got another one that we think actually have burglary tools that are breaking into cars, actually like a lockout kit, that a locksmith would have," he said.

Starting Friday, King is putting more officers on the streets devoted to reducing property crimes. 

"Whether it's tracking down suspects or patrolling or working on sting operations," Chief Nate King said.

It's all part of a $20,000 grant that will allow for 55 extra man hours per month. The department also has a new reporting system that allows officers to pin-point where crimes are happening - so they can target those specific areas.

Which is why King says reporting a crime, no matter how big or small, is so important.

"Even if it's just an old iPod, cell phone, whatever - report it to us," he said. "If nothing else, it may help solve someone else's bigger crime down the road."