TULSA, Oklahoma - Multiple suspects are in custody after a carjacking led to a police pursuit where shots were fired.

Tulsa police said it started when a car was stolen near 61st and Highway 169 around 8:00 p.m. following a car wreck.

According to police, the victim told officers a cellphone was left in the car and the victim was tracking the phone.

Police said two officers coming into work spotted the car near 46th and North Mingo when the chase started.

During the chase, police said shots were fired at police. Witnesses said they heard about seven shots and saw people hanging out of the car, firing at police.

At one point, several of the suspects got out of the car at the Elba Terrace Mobile Home Park near Pine and Yale.

Police said they believe one of the suspects lives in the park and that investigators were going through a home.

When News On 6 got to the scene, one person was in handcuffs. Police said they found gun on him but that they weren’t sure what role he played.

While officers investigated there, the chase continued to Pine and Trenton where police say the suspect vehicle crashed into a police car.

They said the suspect ran and was shot by police and taken to the hospital.

All officers involved in the chase are okay, according to police.

The name of the officer who shot the suspect has not been released. Neither have the names of the suspect shot or in custody.

Officers said they are still searching for more suspects.

While police investigate, the area near Pine and Trenton is closed.