TULSA, Oklahoma - Friday was day 10 in the murder trial of a man accused of killing four women at a Tulsa apartment complex.

Part of the trial took place outside the Tulsa County Courthouse when the jury got to see the apartment where the quadruple murder happened.

The request was granted after Cedric Poore’s attorney requested the jury be taken to the scene so they can walk around and see everything in person, instead of just seeing pictures in the courtroom.

Around 10:00 Friday morning, jurors traveled to the Fairmont Terrace apartments, now called Savanna Landing, where Cedric Poore is accused of killing the women.

After the trip, they returned to the courthouse to hear from the day’s only witness - a Tulsa police forensics investigator.

The prosecution questioned the investigator, who said he believes the multiple shell casings collected came from the same gun based on the appearance of the 40 caliber casings.

Cedric Poore is the second person to be tried in the murders. In March, a jury convicted James Poore - Cedric's brother - in the killings of the Rebeika Powell, Kayetie Melchor, Misty Nunley and Julie Jackson.

The four women's bodies were discovered after a woman the 3-year-old son of one of the victims wandering in the complex on January 7, 2013, prosecutors said. The woman took the boy back to his apartment because it was cold outside and when the boy let her inside, she saw four women shot in the head with their hands tied behind their backs.