TULSA, Oklahoma - Friday afternoon, Tulsa police caught a man who was taunting them on Facebook.

He was the fourth suspect taken into custody in connection with a carjacking, chase and shooting.

Thursday night, officers say the suspects fired out their windows at police, who then fired back.

One officer intentionally wrecked the suspect's car at 70 miles an hour; another, who didn't have time to pull his gun, used his patrol car to stop one of the suspects trying to run away.

Tevin Whitetree was the fourth and final suspect taken into custody. Officers made it their mission to find him after he posted on Facebook, “they can't even catch me with GPS,” and other choice words.

They'd already arrested Sonny McCombs - he was the one hit by the police car.

They also arrested a 14-year-old juvenile and they shot Chekota Whitetree, who will go to jail once he leaves the hospital.

Police said it started Thursday night when two of the men carjacked a woman at gunpoint, then, picked up the other two guys.

Police found the woman's car through a cell phone but said as soon as they got behind it the driver took off.

Police said the suspects started shooting at officers, then, the driver, Whitetree, dropped off his three passengers in a trailer park.

Police grabbed Cook and McCombs but Whitetree got away.

An officer then performed a high-speed maneuver to wreck the driver. They said, after the wreck, the driver ran but was shot by police.

Detectives said they recovered three BB guns, so far.

They are now reviewing all the videotape from the patrol cars.

The officers who fired shots or used their cars as weapons are on routine suspension until the investigations are complete.