TULSA, Oklahoma - About nine volunteers braved the cold temperatures Saturday morning to help out their community. 

The Oklahoma River Warriors gathered at Helmerich Park on the east bank of the Arkansas River just south 71st and Riverside Drive to pick up trash along the river. 

Their goal was to fill 12 large trash bins and to encourage more volunteers to get involved in the cause. 

ORW President Scott Hood said there's plenty of trash along the river to fill up the bins and more. 

Hood said all they needed was for people to get outside before it got even colder and to come out and help pick up trash and fill the trash bins. 

"We're messy people and we leave things behind we shouldn't," Hood said. "People should pick up the trash they leave behind. But it doesn't happen all the time. Trash collects. It ends up in the river. We don't want it in the river because then it ends up in the Mississippi and then ends up in the Gulf of Mexico. It's a bad deal."

Hood said the clean-up day is the second annual the ORW has held in Tulsa along the Arkansas River. They held two earlier in the year but were along both sides of the Keystone Dam and they plan to clean up along Spring Creek in the spring. 

"We're just working our way around the state, a little bit at a time, doing what we can to clean up after everybody," Hood said.