GRAND LAKE, Oklahoma - It's no secret the News On 6 Anchor Tess Maune loves to hunt and fish. But Tess loves introducing folks to the outdoors just as much.

Monday, reporter Amy Slanchik joined Tess and two friends, Jackie Cloyd, Jessica Bond on a spoonbill-snagging adventure on Grand Lake.

It was Amy's first time, ever to fish, and she caught a blue catfish first. 

But, per Meteorologist Dick Faurot's rule, she kissed the fish.

Then it was on to the finding the big paddlefish, also known as spoonbill. 

"Spoonbill are funny-looking, prehistoric fish found in some of our lakes and rivers here in northeast Oklahoma," Tess said. 

Amy also reeled in a 24-pound paddlefish and said she is hooked.

"When Tess invited me on the fishing trip, one of the first things she told me is that spoonbill do not have teeth," Amy said. "Since I knew I wouldn’t have to worry about anything biting my hand off, I agreed to go on the trip right away. Catching my first fish - a blue catfish - was so exciting, and reeling in the spoonbill was unbelievable. I loved learning all about some of God’s coolest creatures, and I can’t wait to go on another trip soon! I’m hooked!"  

She released the spoonbill after a few pictures.

Right before she caught that one, Jessica pulled in a 62-pounder, which was the big catch - and release - of the day.

"We want to thank Pritchard's Guide Service for taking us on such fun girl's trip," Tess said. "Just so you know, paddlefish feed on plankton and don't have teeth."