TULSA, Oklahoma - A little deer fawn and a herd of cows are proving we can all get along.
Lil Johnny Deere, as he’s been named, showed up in a cow pasture on Kari McKay's cattle farm in Spokane, Washington in early November.
“I have to say, I've never randomly seen this before. I think someone lost their mama and is missing her,” McKay wrote on Facebook last month.

It’s suspected a hunter harvested the button buck's mom. He is old enough to survive on his own and usually fawns in that situation will take up with other deer. 

But Lil Johnny Deere proved he was officially part of the herd when he trekked four miles with ‘his girls’ (as McKay calls them) to their winter pasture.

McKay said she was worried he might stay behind.

“It was nip and tuck at first with Lil Johnny Deere not quite sure that he wanted to leave the pasture that he was comfortable being in, but after he realized that the cows weren't coming back he decided to run and catch up with them and tag along,” she said.

“He loves these cows! I'm not sure that they love him as much as he loves them, but you can tell that he feels safe with them.”

McKay said she wants everything to play out naturally, so she won’t intervene if he decides to leave. 

“We must not forget that Lil Johnny is a wild animal and is free to leave and go live his life at any time; however, I'm hoping he's here to stay for the winter because he's kind of fun to have around,” she said.

But for now, it looks like he's sticking with 'his girls' whether they like it or not.

“I have to admit that I've never experienced anything like this before in my 47 years, with a random wild young fawn joining in with my cows out of nowhere and no other deer in sight,” McKay said.

McKay originally shared the deer’s picture and story on an agriculture Facebook group for women. Lil Johnny Deere now has his own Facebook page because so many people wanted to follow his adventures.

“This little guy is pretty stinking cute, so I suppose I can see why he's so popular,” said McKay.