MIAMI, Florida - The University of Tulsa is taking on Central Michigan in the Miami Beach Bowl.  It is at least 50 degrees warmer here in Miami than it is back home in Oklahoma.

University of Tulsa fans and families of players that traveled down to Marlins Park think they're getting their money's worth just being in Florida.

FAN FEST took place outside the stadium, home of Major League Baseball's Miami Marlins. The Golden Hurricane band and alums have made their way down to the stadium after experiencing South Beach. Most have been staying in hotels.

"Life is good down here," said Ron Miller. We're enjoying the 81 degrees and sunny. Especially when it's cold and snowy back home."

If you think the difference in weather is great for Tulsans, so too for Central Michigan fans. 

The Chippewas fans, well, they're confident. Quarterback Cooper Rush's family was talking the talk before the game.

"We came out hard, we're going to root for him," said Sam Fogus. "Loud fans need a loud outfit. So we're good to go."

And TU fans, like the Miller family from Bixby, they're confident too.

"I think Central Michigan has been talking trash," said Karla Suits, "and I think Tulsa is going to put it on them. We are going to beat them."

For Coach Phillip Montgomery and players, it all comes down to the game.

"They've got the chance to make win number 10 happen with this win, so it would be real special for them to - for what they've meant to this program and the rise of this program over the last few year's," Montgomery said.

Quarterback Dane Evans also had a chance for Tulsa to make history, to be the first team to throw for over 3,000 yards, have two 1,000 yard rushers and two 1,000 yard receivers in the same season. 

But hey - win or lose, at least it's palm trees in December.