TULSA, Oklahoma - Getting your first bike on Christmas morning is a strong memory for many people.

Well, thanks to an adjustment in policy at the Salvation Army, more ‘first bike’ memories on Christmas morning may be in store this year.

Gary Hamilton is one of the hundreds of volunteers making the distribution go smoothly at the Salvation Army Joy Center. Hamilton volunteers every year and loves it.

"I love seeing people smile when they get everything; makes you feel good doing it," he said.

About 4,000 families will pick up food baskets and toys at the Joy Center. They started on Saturday and it'll continue through Tuesday.

Those 4,000 families represent about 10,000 kids and another 1,500 seniors.

Captain Ken Chapman said, "We're gonna have some extremely happy children on Christmas morning."

Chapman adjusted the policy on bikes this year, opening the door for more bicycle gifts, because, he said that first bike memory is one you never forget.

"Mine had those big stingray handlebars with a leopard skin banana seat. I was the coolest kid in the neighborhood," Chapman said.

There's still time for you to take in your gifts. You can drop them off at the Joy Center at 924 South Hudson in Tulsa.