OWASSO, Oklahoma - An Owasso woman desperately needs answers tonight after her husband was killed.

Tiffany Warren was told her husband, Bill, was killed while working at Tulsa Asphalt on December 9th. She was told he was crushed by a piece of asphalt the size of a car and she wants to know if that’s true.

“The pulled him out with no pulse and had tried CPR until the ambulance got there,” Tiffany said.

That’s all she knows about her husband’s on-the-job death. She called the medical examiner to see if he died instantly, but they can’t tell her anything for at least three months because it’s being investigated.

“You just want to know, ‘Did he suffer? Did he just go? Exactly what happened?’ I’m just getting nothing,” Tiffany said.

The couple has two little boys and Tiffany is due in April with their third child.

Bill's birthday was Saturday and Tiffany's birthday is Monday, which also happens to be the anniversary of when he proposed 18 years ago.

Their love story began when Tiffany was 14 and Bill was 18.

"I walked in and saw this guy on couch and literally thought, ‘I'm going to marry him someday,’ and he thought the same thing, ‘I just met my future wife,’" she said.

They lived in separate states so they wrote letters for four years until he proposed on her 18th birthday and married six months later.

When kids came along, Bill worked extra hours so Tiffany could stay at home with them.

The couple thought they'd grow old together; Tiffany never dreamed her husband would be gone at age 40, and she'd be all alone to raise three boys.

"It's one of those things, you think you have all the time in the world and you don't," she said.

We called Tulsa Asphalt but they said they couldn't comment about the death because of the investigation.

Bill didn't have life insurance so a Go Fund Me account has been set up to help Tiffany and the boys.