TULSA, Oklahoma - They only go up once a year - usually around Thanksgiving - little Christmas villages and special holiday train sets.

Rick Wells heard about a miniature amusement park that's taken over one Tulsa couple's entire living room, so he had to go check it out.  

"I bought a Ferris Wheel and a Merry-go-round," said Bill Lissau. 

That's how this all started at least a decade ago. 

"The grandkids, we have 13 grandkids, they just love seeing it every year, and we invite our friends to bring their kids and grandkids," Lissau said. 

And Rick said Lissau asked him over because he's just another big kid that he knows.

Lissau has 25 or 30 different rides and buildings and he adds one or two a year. 

"So this is the new one, the parachute was last year," Lissau said. 

And the entire miniature amusement park is pretty loud.

"Can you turn it off?" Rick asked Lissau. 

"There you go," Lissau said with a laugh.

"What I was thinking is, you're not allowed to turn it on after 9 o'clock at night," Rick said.

There's no formal curfew that Lissau knows of.

He starts setting it up around Thanksgiving. If he does it himself it takes about three days but if he gets help it goes quicker.

Everything goes pretty much in the same place every year, and he has 250 little people characters they are all different.

"I put the dog parade in there," Lissau said.

"Don't you wish you could leave it up longer?" Rick asked Lissau.

"Yeah, I do," Lissau said. 

Everyone who sees it going just smiles.

"I hope I never get too old to enjoys something like this," Lissau said.