SAND SPRINGS, Oklahoma - A military family forced from their home by a fire earlier this month is getting an early Christmas gift.

Thanks to Soldier's Wish and some local businesses, the family is being taken care of even while the father is overseas.

Less than two weeks ago, the Saari family’s home was destroyed by fire, and when the military family returned, they found they had lost nearly everything.

But with Christmas just around the corner, some of their wishes are already coming true.

On December 8th, the Saaris were away from their Sand Springs home when their landlord passed by the house.

Jessica Saari said, "My kitchen was on fire and the fire department was there."

Jessica, her husband Lee and two children rushed home.

"The pictures completely just vanished, they melted off the wall, they weren't on the floor they were just gone," she said.

One of their cats was also missing.

Jessica said, "The one that passed away is the one that we've had since me and my husband were dating, it was the first gift he ever gave me."

What’s making the situation worse for Jessica and her family is that her husband was called to return to the Air Force less than a week after the fire.

"It happened on a Thursday and he left the Wednesday after," she said.

Jessica and their two kids moved in with her grandmother.

"Everything we worked for is gone, right before Christmas," she said.

So, Soldier's Wish partnered with Subway and Metro Appliances & More to help with deposits on a new home and get the Saaris a new washer and dryer.

Mark Ochsenbein with Soldier’s Wish said, "To me, it's everything to be able to have that autonomy and to be able to have your own place."

The Saaris said they’re thankful for Soldier's Wish.

"For the first time since the fire happened I fell some form of hope, there is light at the end of the tunnel," Jessica said.

The Saaris have found a new home and are in the final process to get it.