ROGERS COUNTY, Oklahoma - A 911 call came in about someone's home on fire just east of Oologah and the first to get there were two Rogers County deputies.

They're being credited with saving a man who couldn't get out of the burning home.

Lieutenant Robert Norman and Sergeant Joe Batt were only miles away when they heard the call go out about a home off of Highway 88 and East 420 Road being on fire.

Norman and Batt were the first ones to get there.

"Being a rural county deputy, the chances of you getting somewhere first are pretty good, especially in the middle of the night," Norman said.

The Rogers County deputies found out a man was trapped inside the home. They beat the fire department and went right for the door.

Norman said, "You just do it. It's just how it is. You just do it. You don't really think about it until after the fact. You just do it."

The lieutenant went for his fire extinguisher while Batt worked on getting into the home. They ended up working through the thick smoke and taking breaks for fresh air to find Terry Lusk trapped inside.

"The smoke just knocked you down; it was so thick you couldn't see," Norman said.

The deputies got Lusk to safety, but, when firefighters got there, the deputies started helping them fight the fire.

The two deputies and Lusk were all checked out by doctors and treated for smoke inhalation.

Norman said this is what he signed up to do, and this is what the people of Rogers County expect him and all the other deputies to do - save lives.

Norman: "Proud to do it.”
Tony: “How do you feel coming back to work today?”
Norman: “My throat hurts, a lot of soot last night, another day at the office, though."

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.