TULSA, Oklahoma - Police said a suspect in a missing person's case is dead after he shot himself in the head Wednesday moments before police entered his home with a search warrant. 

The suspect's home, located near Apache and Utica, was taped off as a crime scene as police investigated the area.

Samantha Puckett is the missing 29-year-old woman who police said hasn't had contact with her family since November 7, 2016. 

Flyers have been circulating since she went missing and police said she and the man who killed himself had been in a long-term abusive relationship. 

"The warrant unit went to the second structure and heard someone barricaded inside," said Tulsa Homicide Sgt. Dave Walker. "As they were making entry they did not hear the gunshot but they could smell the gun powder as the door opened and found the target of the search warrant."

Puckett's boyfriend, who police haven't identified, is the suspect who killed himself in this home.

"[Puckett] hadn't been heard from and we developed enough information to obtain search warrants for this location to either confirm or deny that she was in this location," Walker said. 

Despite the suspect's death,  police continued searching the home, crawl space and even woods around the home, hoping to find something pointing them to Puckett.

"We believe that he probably ended up doing something to her that has caused her to go missing. I stop short at 'killing her' but I think that's where we're heading," Walker said. 

With the suspect taking his own life, police are losing hope that Puckett will one day be found alive.

"I think this speaks for itself and would probably put the last dash of hope," Walker said. 

According to missing person flyers, Puckett's boyfriend had previously brutally beaten and burned her. 

The flyers also state the family feared for her safety.

TPD said there have been 15 domestic abuse homicides in Tulsa this year, and they urge anyone in a violent relationship to get help.