ROGERS COUNTY, Oklahoma - A Rogers County judge charged three people Wednesday with kidnapping, conspiracy and other charges related to a December 7 incident when a woman said the trio held her against her will at a motel.

Lori Pryor, 37, Quinyan Manuel, 35, and Sidney Downing, 38, were charged at their arraignment December 21, according to online court records.

Last month, the Rogers County Sheriff's Thug Task Force said Pryor, Downing and Manuel took Sheryl Freedman-Keller because she owed money for a drug deal. 

Deputies said the victim called several friends trying to get the $100 dollars to pay for meth and unknowingly contacted an undercover Rogers County Deputy.

The undercover deputy talked to the kidnappers and made a deal to get Freedman-Keller back.  

Lori Pryor and the victim met the undercover deputy at Paradise Donuts for the transaction, $100 dollars for some crystal meth and Freedman-Keller's release. 

The victim then got into the deputy's car and the suspect drove off. 

The three were arrested soon after the incident, and deputies also arrested Freedman-Keller for distribution of drugs.

Pryor, Manuel and Downing were all charged with distribution of a controlled dangerous substance, kidnapping, conspiracy, unlawful use of communication facility and unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia.

Pryor's bond was set at $150,000, Manuel's at $211,500 and Downing's at $200,500.