TULSA, Oklahoma - Imagine this: you are friendly, and eager, great around kids, and you are wagging your tail as hard as you can and still no one will take you home.

A kennel at the Humane Society sure can be a lonely place, which is why the adoption center near 61st and Sheridan hopes the pups can find good homes for the holidays.

"We have anything you're looking for," said Executive Director Evan Fadem. "People have a little extra space in their heart this time of year."

That's what all these guys are hoping; and they have a lot to choose from.

"We have upwards of 70 dogs right now,” Fadem said. “We've had quite a few adoptions within the last two days."

But there's plenty of availability.

The adoption center will be open regular hours through Friday and from 10 until noon on Christmas Eve.