TULSA, Oklahoma - A family of five needs donations after they lost everything, including their Christmas presents, in a house fire Wednesday evening near Admiral and Garnett.

The fire happened near Admiral and 120th East Avenue. A school counselor said the community is helping the parents of three kids get their life back together.

"She saw the smoke coming out then she ran over there to see what was going on. The kids were trying to turn off the fire with the fire extinguisher; she called 911 so they could come and turn the fire off," said a translator for Magda Castillo.

Tulsa firefighters said the whole home was on fire when they arrived.

Captain John Smith said, "When we pulled up on scene, we had flames shooting out of every window and every door - you know, probably 15 feet out."

Firefighters stopped the fire from spreading but the whole home is a loss.

Teacher Amy Eikenberry said, "Very devastating and painful situation."

Teachers from a nearby school are helping get the family of five taken care of while everyone is out on winter break.

"It's Christmas, so all of their Christmas gifts are in there, and so pretty much anything possible would be helpful," Eikenberry said.

School counselor Kristin Hudson said, "We're able to rebuild and we're able to stick together as a community - our whole staff and families, the neighborhoods, they're all willing to help and bring together as a family."

A fire investigator will determine the cause of the fire.

The Tulsa Fire Department said no one was hurt or trapped in the home.

The daughter is 10 and the two boys are 12 and 14.

If you'd like to help, you can email hudsokr@tulsaschools.org for more information.