TULSA, Oklahoma - We are happy to report that we found the owner of the wedding ring that had been lost at an east Tulsa Reasor’s store.

We told you Wednesday that a young woman found it and called News On 6. We ran a story, and Thursday, we were able to return the ring to its owner.

Shirley Williams and her husband George have been married 68 years. He's going through chemo and has lost some weight so the ring slipped off his finger recently and they've been frantically looking for it.

Lori: "Were you about to give up hope?"
George: "Oh yes, already had."

Shirley had just bought him a new one to put under the tree.

Lori: "How glad are you to have it back?"
George: "I can't tell you how glad."

They paid $35 for their matching rings, and that included getting them engraved with their initials and wedding date; but to George and Shirley, they're priceless, so they asked me to give a cash gift to the girl who found it.

Lori: "We just wanted you guys to have it back before Christmas."
Shirley: "We appreciate so much what you did for us and do for a lot of people."

Our next stop was the Ryzak family to give Haley the thank you money from George and Shirley.

Lori: “They're so appreciative, so thank you again for calling me and thank you for doing the right thing young lady. Have a Good Christmas.”