TULSA, Oklahoma - Wednesday, we showed you surveillance video of a man breaking into the Manna House ministry, stealing a computer and electronic equipment.

Well, after our story aired, the transitional living home for foster girls said the thief returned the items. They're calling it a Christmas miracle.

Breanna Garrett, program director for the Manna House, said the video shows the thief break into the house. She said the thief then went into one of the rooms and took a bunch of computer equipment.

"It's more than just a computer for us; I mean, it's opportunities for lots of girls as far as school goes, jobs," Garrett said.

After having the thief's actions played out all over the news and social media, a surprise came the next day.

Garrett said, "We reviewed the cameras and we saw him come up and drop it all off, so we went out and saw the note."

The note was an apology.

Garrett read, “...I'm so sorry. Please forgive me for my actions. It was a misunderstanding but I still shouldn't have done it, so here's the things back. I'm so sorry for this. God bless."

Manna House isn't going to press any charges.

"I think, you know, a lot of people saw it. We’re not sure what made him kind of turn himself in, but, regardless, I think it took a lot of courage and a lot of honesty to do that," Garrett said.

Garrett is going to forgive him and call it their own Christmas miracle. She's relieved their faith-based charity can now focus on serving girls aging out of foster care.