NORMAN, Oklahoma - University of Oklahoma running back Joe Mixon spoke with the media Friday afternoon in Norman about a 2014 incident involving Amelia Molitor.

During the conference, the OU running back apologized to Amelia Molitor and anyone who was impacted by the incident.

He said that he's got to learn a lot about himself over the last few years and said, "Everyday I got to live with it, I got to sleep with it. It haunts me to this day."

Mixon said is asking to be given a second chance and hopes that people will learn from his mistake. He even said he'd be willing to speak to advocacy groups.

This was the first time ever that Mixon has made himself available to the media but said he wanted to apologize to Molitor and her family in person several times.

After the press conference, the attorneys representing Molitor released the following statement on Mixon's apology:

Mia Molitor acknowledges the apology and statements made by Joe Mixon today, as well as Mr. Mixon taking full responsibility for what occurred on July 25, 2014. We are optimistic that today's events will help in the process of obtaining closure for those involved and, ultimately, in the resolution of all other matters related to that night.

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