TULSA, Oklahoma - Christmas Eve services are underway all across Green Country as thousands of families came together to celebrate the holidays.

People arrived with their friends and family to show love and support for each other.

Christmas Eve is a special holiday for Christians all over Green Country.

“We love it!” said attendee Rachel Campbell. “This is a tradition for us, every year we come to church on Christmas Eve."

While some of the littlest ones we spoke with say they can't wait for Santa to come tonight, others say they relish these moments when they get to celebrate love and community with each other.

"It thrills your soul to see that light pass through the congregation," stated attendee Joe Langley.

Nancy Langley added,"It does give you joy deep down in your soul. Spending time with family, there is nothing better."

The service is a once a year treat and a first time for some of our youngest. 

“They look forward to the candlelight service,” Campbell stated. “They are old enough to hold the candles this year."

But the friends and family unity doesn't stop here.

"We go to my parents on Christmas day and then we spend the night, and we go visit the rest of the family the next day,” Campbell explained.

Even if some of us have our eyes on other things, like when Santa arrives.

"I’m most excited about Christmas is I get to open presents," said Lauren Campbell.