TULSA, Oklahoma - Tulsa Police got Christmas morning off to a jolly start by posting news of "residential burglary suspect" on the loose in Tulsa. The serial burglar didn't take anything - and even left presents.

The department also received numerous reports of a UFO led by a red flashing light. 

Thanks, TPD, for making Christmas even more enjoyable!

Here's their note:

Serial Residential Burglary Suspect On the Loose
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On 122516, between midnight and 0300 hours, The Tulsa Police Department received at least sixty residential burglary calls throughout the city. The suspect was described by several witnesses as “a portly fellow.” There were no signs of forced entry at any of the scenes and victims were sleeping when the intruder was heard in the residences. This suspect, unlike other burglary suspects, did not take anything but rather, the suspect left items that were wrapped in decorative paper. The additional suspect descriptions provided are as follows: white male, 5’8”-5’11” in height, 270-320 pounds, 70-80 years old, and was last seen wearing a red and white suit, red and white winter cap, black boots, and black belt. The suspect was said to be carrying a large red bag. The suspect appeared to have consumed cookies at some of the scenes. Cookie fragments were collected by officers for DNA testing.

In addition to the burglary calls, TPD also received calls throughout the city reporting possible UFO sightings. The only descriptions provided were an unknown object flying through the sky producing a sound similar to bells jingling. There was only a single red light reported to be flashing on the front of the object as it passed by.

Happy Holidays.