By Desmond Nugent, News On 6

Prentiss Elliott was once considered the most gifted athlete to ever grace a football field in Tulsa, but his problems overwhelmed his potential.

"It was a part of a time in my life where I was still young - still learning on how to become a man," Elliott said.

"It felt like every time I turn around it was always something, but you know I didn't have anyone to blame or point the finger at but myself," he said.

"I made bad decisions, but I'm not a bad person at the end of the day. Everybody make mistakes - mine just happened to be on the news a lot."

As a freshman at OSU, Prentiss made an immediate impact on the field but was quickly kicked off the team. Later, rumors circulated about Elliott's association to Tulsa gang G-Unit. Although never arrested, he found himself in the wrong spotlight.

Then a few years ago, Elliott's entire life shifted thanks to a young fan at a grocery store.

"A little kid walked up to me, and I didn't have no clue who he was and he was like 'you're my biggest hero I watch all your football games I emulate your moves,''' Elliott said. "I was like man, it's kids out here looking up to me."

Elliott is still playing. League MVPs and championships have come in semi-pro ball with the Oklahoma Thunder.

He can't help but watch other former OSU receivers like Dez Bryant and Tyreek Hill making their mark in the pro game and wonder what could have been.

"I'm glad to be in the same class with those guys; I feel like everybody got a path that's different; their path was to go to the NFL," he said.

Despite not having an NFL opportunity of his own, Prentiss Elliott still finds another way to make an impact but off the field, starting with the youth.
Elliott is trying to give back. He's coaching a youth football team - calling plays, and sharing his story.

"I can go back and help kids that's in the community who been in the same places I've been, who feel like it's no hope," Prentiss Elliott said. "I can show them that there is hope and that you can turn your life around."

"I'm fine with the man that I have become, the man I have grown into become, so I'm thankful that God done gave me a second chance on life," he said.

"I'm satisfied with what's going on. I'm not going to beat myself up over it. Like I said, if the NFL ever call I'll be ready," he said.