TULSA, Oklahoma - If you needed help figuring how to set up a new phone or tablet today - you're not alone.

Representatives at Tulsa's US Cellular Care Center answered about 10,000 calls for help from all over the country.

A team of about 60 people at the care center worked all day to make sure Christmas gifts could be used as soon as possible. 

"We take a lot of pride in being here for our customers," said Janie Armstrong-Walker, Business Support Manager.

Armstrong-Walker said for the most part, associates are activating new devices and customers must call in to make that happen.

But, cell phones aren't the only device people wanted to start using right away. 

"Definitely iPads, we also have our Samsung tablets and we had a promotion for our G Pads so we're getting a lot of those activated as well," Armstrong-Walker said. 

While some associates shared a laugh on the phone, others sat quietly, serving customers in another way. 

US Cellular's social media team responds to every Facebook, Twitter and Instagram post from their customers. 

"If there is any dissatisfaction and maybe they're sharing that on their wall of whatever social media venue that they're choosing, then we're able to meet them right where they're at, and we invite them to a direct message to where we can take care of them offline," Armstrong-Walker said. 

Armstrong-Walker said no matter what the call or post is about they aim to help customers in as little as five minutes.