TULSA, Oklahoma - Airports and highways will be filled Monday with travelers heading home after celebrating Christmas with their families. 

AAA says we're in day four of what's considered the year-end holiday travel season. When we were at the airport Friday, we saw lines building up from time to time at the gates. but travelers say the process went smoothly.

The airport recommends flyers arrive 90 minutes to two hours before their flight takes off.

If you're headed out on the highways, gas will cost you around $2.05 at most locations around Tulsa. The cheapest we saw this morning was at the Flying J where gas will run you just under $2.

Gas prices are relatively stable right now, but AAA reports the national average was 4 cents cheaper last week

We'll continue to keep an eye on what things are looking like on Tulsa roads and at the airport and bring you an update in 30 minutes.