OKMULGEE, Oklahoma - A special task force is working to learn who killed an Okmulgee County woman, just one day after Christmas.

Okmulgee Police said someone shot Kimberly Lyons-Anderson outside the American Legion Hut at the intersection of Smith and Wilson Streets.
Investigators said they don't think she was the intended target.

Those who knew Lyons-Anderson said she quickly became friends with everyone she met. 

"She was bubbly, she was talkative, she didn't meet a stranger," said Latrina Brown, a friend of Lyons-Anderson. 

Okmulgee police said someone shot and killed Lyons-Anderson outside the American Legion Hut overnight.

Her family and friends say she went out dancing at the Legion hall Sunday night - just enjoying herself, spending time with friends,  when someone shot her as she was getting ready to leave.

Earlier in the day, her friends say she led a Christmas performance at Love International Christian Ministries Church, That's where a lot of people who knew her are now mourning her death. 

"She came out to have fun and didn't get to go home," Brown said. 

At 38-years-old and a newlywed, Lyons-Anderson is survived by her husband Ron.

Friends also said she just graduated from OSU-Okmulgee with a business degree. 

"She finally got her college degree, not even gonna get to use it," Brown said. 

Lyons-Anderson's brother, Brandon, said he'll miss hearing her laugh. 

"I miss her," he said. "I love her. I miss her and whoever did it, I'm gonna pray for you."

Lyons-Anderson spent most of her time at her church. Members said she was at church every Sunday and also led the drama program.

She planned a dance for Christmas services Sunday, performing hours before she died. 

"She had a strong faith. She always danced in church. She would always be on Facebook making positive posts and so I know that she's with God," Brown said. "She's dancing in heaven."

Friends from Love International Christian Ministries made a memorial for Lyons-Anderson as a way to honor her and begin moving forward. 

"We're showing love that's the whole part, walking in love. You have to walk in love, that's the whole point of the Bible. Everything is love, centered on love, love, love, and so it's all about love and that's how we're gonna get through it." 

Okmulgee Police are asking anyone with information to call them at 918-756-3511.