TULSA, Oklahoma - Now that Christmas is over, American Waste Control is encouraging people to recycle wrapping paper, cardboard and other recyclables from the holidays. 

AWC is holding a 12-day 'Unboxing Christmas' program to give people an opportunity to recycle all the leftover items and gift packaging that might otherwise go in the garbage. 

“Historically, the days after Christmas and New Year’s are really our busiest time,” said Robert Pickens, Vice President of Recycling for American Waste Control. “That’s when all that wrapping paper, cardboard, and other recyclables from the holidays start coming in from across Tulsa.”

The Unboxing event, which kicks off Monday, December 26 and ends January 6, 2017, is in its fourth year. 

AWC representatives said a portion of the funds earned by the company for the increase in recyclable material sales are returned to help the community. 

“Some of the proceeds from those recyclables are going to go to Eastern Oklahoma Food Bank,” Pickens said. “And that’s really one of the most exciting aspects of the whole Unboxing Christmas program. Not only are we able to keep Tulsa sustainable for future generations, we are able to help a vital local charity with the funds they need to operate.”

While the event accepts a wide variety of items including magazines, catalogs, greeting cards, envelopes and other paper items, AWC said there are some items the Unboxing Christmas program does not accept. Plastic bags, styrofoam and electronics are a few of the items not accepted.

American Waste Control has a full list of all recycling centers and what items they accept on its website. 

AWC said the recycling truck cannot accept live and artificial Christmas trees, but trees may be dropped off at AWC's Tulsa Indoor Dump to be recycled for free.