TULSA, Oklahoma - A Tulsa family is trying to recover from a home burglary that happened Christmas morning.

It was Christmas morning and while the family that lives here was at church, someone broke in and took almost everything.

Bobby Beard said he spent most of Christmas cleaning up and repairing what burglars did to his house.

The four children - the oldest is seven - are still uncertain about what they've lost.

"They didn't take it like I would have when I was little. They're pretty happy for the most part.  I think they understand that family is more important," Beard said of his children.

Early Sunday was a normal Christmas morning, the children excited to be opening lots of presents.

They didn't get a lot of time to play with them before the family went to church.

While they were at church, someone broke into the house.

The burglars took the TV, all the presents they could carry, even some of the children's clothes and food from the kitchen.

"They tried to take everything they could.  The only reason they left some stuff, I believe is that we pulled up," Beard said. 

Beard said he is grateful they weren't home when someone broke in, but he regrets leaving the rent money home alone.

"We had the rent money out," he said. "Boy, if I could rewind I'd take that with us. We were gonna pay bills. We had it separated out - it's gone."

He said he's blessed and grateful that people have stepped in to help by replacing some of the children's toys and gathering up clothing for them.

But there's still a lot to clean up as this family recovers from a Christmas they didn't expect.

Friends and family are helping out. They've also set up a GoFundMe account.