TULSA, Oklahoma - Members of a popular Tulsa-based rock band are mourning the loss of their guitarist John Holata, who died Sunday afternoon after a suspected drunk driver crashed into him and his wife more than a week ago.

Oklahoma Highway Patrol Troopers said a suspected DUI driver going the wrong way on I-244 crashed into the vehicle that Holata and his wife were in.

Bold and talented are just a few words Greg Manuel uses to describe Screaming Red Mutiny's guitarist John Holata, who was also a loving dad.

"John was a real endearing and humble man, had a heart of gold and he was always trying to better himself he was simply a magnificent person, man," Manuel said. 

Manuel is the band's singer and he shared the stage with Holata.

"I'm going to miss looking to my left and him not being there," Manuel said. 

Band member and drummer Anthony Hinton was more than just a band mate.

"John had such a big heart. John was willing to help anybody," said Hinton. 

Hinton said Holata had many talents, like composing new songs and adapting to new styles of rock.

"A band has a soul and I believe that John was the very meat of the soul of this band," Hinton said.

Holata and the band traveled all across the region but recently played at a "Cancer Sucks" benefit concert at Cains Ballroom.

Holata's wife, Kasey, is still recovering in the hospital.

"When he's not holding a guitar, you know, very mild-mannered, but once he held a guitar you knew exactly what he was on this earth to do," Manuel said. 

Friends said Holata will be remembered for more than just his music.

"He needs to be remembered as a man of peace and soul and a man who worked so hard at his craft and put so much of his heart and soul into it and he also put that same heart and soul into his family," Manuel said. 

The band will host a fundraiser February 4, 2017, at the Shrine. Proceeds from it will go towards Holata's funeral and medical costs. Friends of the Holatas have also set up a fundraising page to assist with costs.