BROKEN ARROW, Oklahoma - Drivers passing through one of Broken Arrow's busiest intersections will seen see a new flashing yellow arrow traffic signal.

It's meant to save drivers some time getting from Point A to Point B.

At peak times traffic at 9th and Kenosha can be bumper to bumper, and waiting to turn left seems like it takes forever. But, in just a few days, a new flashing yellow light will help shorten that wait time.

In growing cities like Broken Arrow, the hustle and bustle never stops - and some drivers don't even stop for red lights.

Driver Bobbi Bolten said, "I've seen people two at a time run red lights in oncoming traffic from the side, which means they are being t-boned. I've seen it quite often."

Bolten has lived in Broken Arrow for five years, so she's learned a thing or two about the 9th and Kenosha intersection.

"This is a busy intersection, this is a dangerous intersection," she said.

But the City wants to change that.

Friday afternoon, city workers will install a new flashing yellow signal light.

The signal works like a yield sign - when the light is flashing, drivers can turn left after yielding to oncoming traffic or pedestrians.

A special study done by Tulsa Engineering Consultants found flashing yellow lights help minimize collisions and save all of us time.

"They are going to gain time because they will spend less time at a red light waiting to make a left-hand turn,” said Krista Flasch with the City of Broken Arrow.

The intersections of Tucson and Aspen and Tucson and Redbud already have the flashing yellow lights.

Flasch said, "We just had absolutely no problems there. So, we believe as we have more opportunities to put in these new signals we are going to do that and make it easier to get around Broken Arrow."

Bolton said if the change helps even a little, she's all for it.

Friday between 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., the intersection will become a four-way stop as crews install the new lights.