OKMULGEE, Oklahoma - Ministers in Okmulgee held a city-wide prayer service Tuesday night after the shooting and killing of a woman outside the American Legion Post.

Okmulgee's police chief said his investigators have interviewed more than 25 people but still need actual witnesses to the shooting.

Church leaders are praying someone comes forward so the community can heal as Okmulgee continues mourning the loss of Kimberly Lyons-Anderson.

Okmulgee police said some someone shot and killed her outside the American Legion Hut Monday.

Investigators don't believe she was the intended target.

After more than 25 interviews, police are still looking for witnesses to come forward.

Police said they haven't recovered a weapon and around 50 people were outside the American Legion Hut when the shooting happened.

Tuesday, Okmulgee's church community joined arms in prayer.

Pastor Towanda Colbert with Okmulgee Community Church said, "I mean everybody has been affected by this, so I felt like a community prayer would bring everybody together."

Colbert is one of the church leaders who organized the city-wide prayer event.

"I think that everything that's been happening, it's kind of like a wake-up call for the community to come together. This is an opportunity for us to come together and better our community," she said.

Church leaders are praying someone comes forward and helps police solve the shooting.

"We have to open up an avenue for our family and our young people to get past this, "I'm not snitching," thing. We have to open - be so open that they're willing to come to an adult and say, "This is what I saw. This is what I know happened,’" said Pastor Texanna James with Faith Deliverance Christian Center.

Okmulgee's police chief is asking anyone with information to contact the police department at 918-756-3511.