TULSA, Oklahoma - We have a word of warning for drivers about some big road projects happening in 2017, including work scheduled for Highway 169, 61st and Sheridan, 71st and Garnett and more.

Some area drivers and engineers hope the projects will improve commutes.

"I've had flat tires, we've had to get our wheel alignments," said Leeanne Planty.
"I don't think it's going to be drastically improved," said Lora Gambino.

"I don't see how it could be any busier that it has been, actually," said Roseanna Stewart.

When it comes to Oklahoma road projects, 2017 will be another busy year.  In terms of miles of highway, the longest ODOT road project in Tulsa scheduled for 2017 is the resurfacing of Highway 169. It will take part in two sections: first between I-44 and 21st Street and then down from the Creek Turnpike to 71st Street.

The first of those projects is scheduled to start in the summer. 

Around the same time, Broken Arrow plans to resurface 71st for two miles, from Garnett to Aspen. ODOT said in January, work on Interstate 44 at 145th East Avenue will start. Then, possibly starting in the spring, they'll fix the Interstate 244 bridges over  Memorial, and from Yale to Harvard.

You will also see many projects on the IDL in the coming year.

"It is the right street, at the right time and right treatment," said Paul Zachary, City of Tulsa engineer.

City of Tulsa engineer Paul Zachary says their strategy is maintaining good roads and prioritizing really bad ones.

"Wish that the improvements that they would make maybe would last a little longer than they do instead of just patching them," said Lora Gambino.

The city of Tulsa is planning to reconstruct several intersections all the way down to - and including - utilities. Among those are 36th Street North and Lewis, 41st and Harvard, 41st and Lewis, and 61st and Sheridan.

They'll also make repairs on 31st from Riverside to Peoria in time for the Gathering Place to open.

The city says these major upgrades will be maintained and last for years. Hopefully that means drivers like Leeanne Planty will have fewer vehicle repairs.

2017 Road Projects - Click hyperlink to see project video

Ongoing –
Reconstruction of 36th Street North & Lewis, and Lewis Ave from 36th Street North to 46th Street North

May 2017 -      
31st Street from Riverside to Peoria
101st St S from Harvard to Yale
Reconstruction of Pine Street & Yale Avenue

July 2017 –
Reconstruction of 41st St S & Lewis
41st St S from Lewis to Harvard
51st St S from Sheridan to Memorial

Summer 2017 -
Widen 37th Street from Albany (61st) to Omaha (51st) Street. Expected timeline is 10-12 months.

Fall 2017 -
Widen 23rd Street from Houston (81st) to Kenosha (71st) Street. [ DD HH BA 23rd from Houston to Kenosha ]  Expected timeline is 18-24 months.

September 2017 –
Harvard Ave from Admiral Blvd to Pine St
Union Ave from 51st St S to 41st St S

2017 –
Several bridge projects along the south and east legs of Inner Dispersal Loop

Later 2017/ 2018 –
BA Expressway over Lewis & over 15th St., I-44 under US 75, and US 75 at Southwest Blvd.