MUSKOGEE COUNTY, Oklahoma - Muskogee Police officers are investigating after multiple break-ins in just a matter of days in several neighborhoods.

Two victims said the crimes happened while they were sleeping.

When Tina Gross got up to make her morning coffee Tuesday, she looked out the window and immediately noticed someone had been in her backyard.

"It is a feeling that you've been watched," Gross said. 

Her gate and shed were busted open and weedeaters, a tiller, leaf blower and bike were all gone, though they didn't go far.

"We were blessed to recover the lawn equipment, it was still there," Gross said. 

It was scattered in an alley right behind her house, along with many other items that had been stolen from other people in her neighborhood.

It was as if it was their gathering place and something or someone, thank God, scared them off. 

Muskogee Police have gotten 15 reports of burglaries in just the past four days.

"It seems to be getting worse, it really does," Gross said. 

Police said in most of cases the burglars stole from unlocked cars.

The police log shows in two cases the suspects took garage door openers from cars they broke into and used them to get inside the garage to get more stuff.

"It's really disturbing. It's unexpected," said another burglary victim, Edward. 

Someone broke into 84-year-old Edward's garage through a side door and rummaged through his car.

"Never think anybody's gonna go into your garage. But anyway, it will be locked in the future, inside or out," he said. 

He's said the thieves stole his GPS and has bit of a sense of humor about it.

"I hope they get lost," Edward said. 

He said he also hopes those who are part of the burglary spree find a job so they'll stop stealing from innocent people.