TULSA, Oklahoma - A home health care group announced Thursday that it's shutting its doors.

The Visiting Nurse Association of Oklahoma says it lost most of its funding and has to close.

The sign on the door states the VNA has been serving patients since 1984.

Now, those patients will have to go somewhere else.

Patients like Rachel Wimpey, who would drop by every month to get her B-12 shots and whatever vaccinations she needed.

"I actually just came by to the Visiting Nurse Association to tell the ladies bye," Wimpey said. "I've been coming here and getting shots for like, a year."

Rachel said she called the VNA last week to set up an appointment and the staff told her their days were numbered.

"I said, 'Where are you going?' and they were like, 'No, we're closing. Like, for real, closing.' And I was just really sad. They'll be missed," Wimpey said. 

The non-profit served both Tulsa and Oklahoma City, offering vaccinations and immunizations on-site as well as home health care visits.

The nurses also visited businesses and offices to deliver shots including News On 6. 

VNA was largely funded by the United Way.

The letter on the door reads: "In September the VNA Board of Directors were informed that our organization would lose the support of a long time and significant funder at the end of 2016. This loss has had a considerable impact on our ability to provide for our community. Therefore we regret to inform you that the VNA has closed permanently..." 

Adding, "It has been a pleasure to serve the community."

"I really hope there's something that can fill the void," Wimpey said. "I know they helped a lot of people and I know it's good for the city, so I hope some other group will step up."

Calls and emails the VNA's CEO were not returned. 

When News On 6 reporter Annie Chang called the United Way, she was told that the people she needs to speak with were out of the office.