ROGERS COUNTY, Oklahoma - A suspect is in custody after turning himself in Sunday after a New Year's Eve party in Rogers County turned deadly. Police say that suspect shot two people, killing one and sending the other to the hospital. 

When Rogers County Sheriff's deputies got to the scene east of Claremore off Highway 20, they found  29-year-old Cody Thompson dead and a second victim went to a Tulsa hospital after being shot twice. 

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"It's definitely not the way we wanna start our new year out in Rogers County," said Rogers County Sheriff Scott Walton. 

Walton said at some point before midnight, Michael Munday shot the two victims during an argument. 
"They went outside to a travel trailer area there. What exactly was happening at that time - we're uncertain," Walton said. 
While deputies worked the scene to figure out who shot the men, Munday was already at the Rogers County Sheriff's Office. 

He told dispatchers on the phone he just shot two people and wanted to turn himself in. 
Walton said investigators still have questions. 
"Who, in fact, is the aggressor?" Walton said.

He said deputies are getting conflicting information from Munday and one of his relatives compared to what other people at the party say happened.
"Michael Munday was apparently mad at the two individuals because of their actions toward a relative of his," Walton said. 
Walton said it's unclear how many people were at the party, and says alcohol was involved.