TULSA, Oklahoma - What better way to spend the winter break from school than at a camp where you can keep learning, and having fun.

Over the holidays, Discovery Lab has had kids mixing up some cool concoctions, like oobleck.

Andrew Perrine is the educator for the winter break camp about chemistry. He said oobleck, which is a Dr. Seuss term, is really a non-Newtonian fluid; really, it’s just corn starch and water.

"You can ball it up in your hand, and then as soon as you stop it'll turn back," he said.

The harder you work it the more like a solid it is; relax and it does too, back to a liquid.

Earlier in the day, the kids made lava lamps - a bottle with vegetable oil, add a little water and food coloring combined with some Alka-Seltzer to make bubbles.

The grand finale was to evaporate some alcohol in a round bottom flask, turn out the lights, add some heat and get combustion.

It's too late to get your kids in this session, but there are camps coming up for Spring Break. You can find more information here.